Special presale price

The Maverick is the new antimicrobial mask from Copper3D. Flexible and professional, designed to protect against airborne particles that can damage the airways.

The Maverick has been developed with a flexible, non-porous and biocompatible material with the addition of copper nanoparticles with antimicrobial action. These properties give it a fit, comfort and safety unmatched in the market.

The filters of the Maverick are the same used in the NanoHack 2.2. Developed by The Copper Company with antimicrobial fabrics, they provide a filtering level equivalent to an N99 standard according to OSHA protocol. The Maverick includes a filter pack with 7 refills.

The Maverick will be available in 3 colors: Copper / Cobalt, Cobalt / Copper and Purple. During pre-sale the available variant is Copper / Cobalt.

Currently only the size is available L. In a few weeks the size will be available M.

It is currently in pre-sale with estimated delivery in 15-30 days. All questions about this mask product direct them to [email protected]