NanoKids It is a new model designed for boys and girls between 6 and 12 years old. The dimensions of the mask are: "chin-ocular plane": 8.1 cm, "cheekbone-cheekbone": 4.6 cm. Occupies the same filters than standard model

Official NanoHack mask made with PLActive antimicrobial material from Copper3D.

PLActive is a material that eliminates 99.99% of viruses, fungi and bacteria. It has been valid in numerous microbiological tests with a wide range of microorganisms. You can find the details of the material by clicking here.

The NanoHack has been developed by Qactus, Copper3D and TOM Chile in response to the shortage of medical supplies in the world. The manufacture of this mask is being carried out in Chile through a network of 3D printers, in which dozens of people distributed throughout the country participate.

It includes

- NanoHack Mask

- Seal that allows a comfortable fit to the contour of the face.

- Pack of filters developed by The Copper Company for a duration of 7 days.

- Adjustable elastics.