PLACTIVE AN1 ™ is an innovative nanocomposite developed by Copper3D with a high quality PLA and a patented, laboratory validated and highly effective nano-copper additive.

The antimicrobial action has been scientifically validated eliminating more than 99.99% of fungi, viruses, bacteria and a wide range of microorganisms.

Clinically proven in prosthetics for amputees with excellent results. Ideal for the manufacture of other medical applications where it is dangerous to have bacterial contamination, such as post-operative prostheses, wound dressing and surgical equipment.

Antimicrobial properties confirmed by two microbiology laboratories in Chile and the United States. PLACTIVE TM complies with FDA (21CFR174.5), REACH and EU (No. 10/2011, No. 1935/2004 and No. 2023/2006). It is also ISO 9001 and ROHS certified.

The Nano-Additive maintains all the mechanical properties of the material.

Non-toxic and biodegradable product in industrial composting conditions.